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NIGERIA: SPARBAR® Brings Onboard This 6 Yr Old Boxing Sensation

Adeyemo, a 6 yr old boxing sensation from Nigeria just became part of the SPARBAR crew. Find out more here.

SPARBAR has always been a step ahead when it comes to empowering people.

In our 8 years of journey, we’ve always looked at how to help people understand the craft of boxing and what it takes to fight with all your strength, will & vigour.

Continuing our vision of empowering people, we’ve decided to bring onboard a new SPARBAR Kids Ambassador- Adeyemo Ayomide. The entire SPARBAR team looks up to strengthening Adeyemo’s skills & passion for the sport.

About Adeyemo

The world got to know about Adeyemo and his exemplary skills in February 2020. Francis Ngannou, the UFC heavyweight fighter tweeted one of Adeyemo’s videos sparring outside.

This was when the world got to know about Adeyemo’s skills & unrivalled passion for boxing. Adeyemo trains with his father for around three hours each day of the weekend, every day during school holidays, and sometimes even after school.

Adeyemo took up boxing when he was just 2 years old.

According to his father, he wanted Adeyemo to take up boxing for a variety of reasons. As per him, the place where they reside in Lagos, Nigeria, is a “tough area”. This made his father enrol Adeyemo into boxing to avoid bad influence.

Adeyemo’s father, who is also his trainer, saw his son’s enthusiasm towards boxing at a mere age of 2. He mentions how Adeyemo used to say “Daddy, let’s box!” as soon as he was back home.

His Day To Day Life

Adeyemo has been actively involved in the sport now. At six years of age, he has appeared in seven amateur fights, won six and draw one.

His father mentions how Adeyemo loves Floyd Mayweather and wants to become like him one day. Apart from fighting, he is enrolled in formal education near his home in Lagos itself.

SPARBAR Ambassador Program

The team at SPARBAR has decided to enroll Adeyemo in the SPARBAR Ambassador Program.

“We are very proud to have signed his 6 six year old son Adeyemo, our first ambassador from Nigeria. Sparbar took over the payment for his school terms, and sent Sparbar equipment for his after-school training. Paying the school fee will go a long way.”

SPARBAR founder, Jazz said in a statement.

With the SPARBAR Ambassador program, we aim to ensure that Adeyemo is able to fund his studies and continue his passion for boxing in a holistic manner.

The SPARBAR Ambassador Program is a talent development program for the kids and youth that started in the local gyms and boxing clubs around the UK. With Adeyemo, as our first Nigerian ambassador onboard, we aim to take the SPARBAR vision around the globe.