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A Grand Future In Boxing: Tiah Ayton, 15, England’s National Boxing Junior Champ

The SPARBAR® team applauds Tiah Ayton for recently securing the gold medal at the England Nationals Junior Boxing Championship. The teenager now gets all ready to set the ring on fire in the 2028 Olympics. 

Well, Tiah is meant for competing. We say so because she ranked #1 in her weight category in boxing and earned over 27 title belts since she started competing from the age of 7. Since then, she has never lost a match in martial arts, securing titles as World Kickboxing, Sandee, Muay Thai and now National Boxing Champ.

The 15-year-old from Bristol, UK, started out with kickboxing. Her dad initially wanted her to release some energy, so she would stop play fighting with her sister at home. Instead, her parents sent her to learn martial arts in the gym, which turned out to be a brilliant idea!

Only after a years’ training, she secured an area title. Ever since, she has been training hard and aims to reach greater heights. 

Her coaches were impressed by her skills from the start, and she leaves her parents stunned over her dedication. Tiah regularly hits the gym, goes sprint training and picks heavy weights, training six days a week. 

This 15 year old fighter might look all sweet, chirpy and delicate on the outside. However, we witness a new version of her inside the ring. Without giving second thoughts, she has the power to shower her opponent with super-speedy and rock solid punches, one after the other.

It’s her zeal and diligence that made her win in the recent England Nationals Junior Boxing Championship. Tiah swiftly defeats boys and older girls in the gym. This is why her coaches struggle to find the perfect match for her, and the championship was the first fight in four years.

Looking at her future, boxing will be her career. Tiah realized that being an athlete, especially in boxing, is also an entrepreneurial journey. For the business of boxing, she calls Mayweather her favourite source of inspiration.

Becoming one of the first SPARBAR® ambassadors, and, in fact, SPARBAR®’s first female ambassador when Tiah was 11 years old, we are excited to further follow and support her journey in the boxing world.

Having said that, Tiah has just started and has a long way to go! She aims to become an Olympic Gold medallist in boxing, and then a UFC champion. Watch out for this girl!